Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel
Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel Georgia caucasus

Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel

Ambassadori Hotel description:

Firstly, Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel is located in old Tbilisi, on the right bank of the River Kura. The hotel is within the walking distance from the center of the city, where are the shops and theatres also cafes, restaurants and main tourist attractions of Tbilisi.

Accommodation of ambassadori hotel :

Ambassador hotel has high class furnished rooms, an elegant restaurant, swimming pool, a bar, reception, conference hall as well as business services  center .

Hotel services & facilities :

Also, the hotel provides its guests with free Wi-Fi throughout the whole hotel.

The friendly staff is always ready to greet and assist guests.

Dining of Ambassadori :

At the hotel’s restaurant, guests can enjoy traditional Georgian dishes as well as European cuisine.

Also, the hotel present dishes and snacks from various countries of the world.

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