Best Tours in Batumi Georgia
Best Tours in Batumi Georgia
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Best Tours in Batumi Georgia


Why Batumi Georgia has the most beautiful visits?

In this post “Best Tours in Batumi Georgia” we see what distinguishes Batumi as one of the most important cities that enjoy a special charm and history with an exceptional nature, in addition to being a first-class tourist city.

But it is also one of the most important poles of eco-tourism and also has a tourist position on the global map.

Batumi Georgia has a tourist look for summer :

Why Batumi Georgia has a tourist look and what Adjara has to do with it:

There are many answers to respond to why Batumi Georgia has the most beautiful visits.

Without any doubt we can start from the forest parks and reserves located in the Adjara region.

One of the existing reserves there is the most important of which is the Mtirala Forest Park.

Batumi and modern Georgia:

In the Adjara region, you can visit one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea, the city of “Batumi”.

Batumi, with its old or new architectural buildings and International Sea Street that represents the best of modern Georgia.

History of nature reserves for Batumi Georgia:

In Georgia, as in many civilized countries, regional protection of nature has a long history.

For centuries, people protect the natural areas mainly because of religious beliefs.

Best tours in Forests that represent icons of the time of emperors:

In the mountains of Georgia there were so-called “iconic forests”, the hunting ground for kings and emperors, and church forests.

Logging and cutting are largely prohibited by hunting birds. we can say that they were typical prohibitions.

Reservations in the seventeenth century:

In the 17th century, Vakhtang VI issued the “Collection of Laws”, which referred to the region as an object of protection.

It was prohibited to cut trees and wander around the protected areas.

Because of its beauty, we see it as sacred areas, where the guards were guarding the area because it belonged to the churches and the king.

The beginning of the history of the establishment of natural reserves in Georgia :

The creation of protected areas based on scientific achievements in Georgia .

That began in the 1920s, when the country became part of the Russian Empire and again became a European cultural region.

Batumi Georgia Nature Reserve beginning in the twentieth century:

The starting point for this new phase was the creation of the first lagodekhi National Nature Reserve in the Caucasus in 1912.

History of protected natural areas in the second half of the twentieth century:

The first protected areas in Adjara – Kintrishi, Machakhela State Reserve – were created in 1959.

Cascara and Cape Verde Reserve:

But in 1961, by decision of the central government of the Soviet Union.

The government abolished Cascara Nature Reserve in one way or another.

In Adjara, on the slope of Cape Verde, there was a grove of the beautiful Colchian Forest .

But, no one tampered with since ancient times, even before the Soviet period.

Mtirala is a paradise in the heart of  Batumi Adjara:

On November 3, 1912, the famous scientist Professor A. Krasnov founded the Batumi Botanical Garden.

It can be said that these natural wonders are in fact a natural extension of the Mtirala National Park.

This section of the world-renowned Batumi Botanical Garden .

Also, we can consider it a pioneer in generally protected areas, especially the newly created National Mtirala in Adjara.

The most beautiful visits in Batumi Adjara and best tours in “Mtirala”:

Mtirala National Park was established in 2006 on the initiative of the Adjara County Protected Areas Agency.

Also it’s protected by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, the World Wildlife Fund and the Government of Norway.

Therefore, it is not by chance that they planned garden in the most vulnerable part.

Where the wet climate is present in this archeological part of Adjara.

Mtirala consider as a model for development and a picturesque tourist destination:

Mtirala National Park is the only protected area on the basis .

In addition, it will provide an ideal model for marine and ecotourism.

This will undoubtedly lead to a significant increase in tourism flows and attract new investment.

Clearly, That makes Adjara the best economic possibility.

The influx of visitors will become a source of sustainable income for the population.

Certainly, this will of course increase the drivers that help the development of wildlife.

This is the principle of life: the park helps the area, and the area is the park.

Batumi Georgia best tourist look for summer:

Tours in Adjara County:

Adjara is one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia, not only because of its wonderful nature.

It also features the charm of the Black Sea and sunny days.

But also with its warm and loving people, rich folk traditions and cultural riches.

Tourist diversity in Adjara and Batumi:

The nature of Adjara is very diverse, with its magnificent landscape of mountains and seas.

Unique Georgian traditions and best tours in Batumi :

We see it in rich natural reserves:

Beautiful gardens.

Excellent cuisine and unique traditions that complement each other .

Clearly, all that attract Georgian and foreign tourists alike.

One of the richest and most luxurious botanical gardens in Adjara. 

Georgians succeeded to take a lot of botanical species from completely different climatic and landscape areas.

Why Ecotourism and nature in Batumi are among the most beautiful visits:

Surely, Adjara region is rich by protected areas and abundant natural reserves.

The Mtirala National Park or the famous protected areas .

It looks like the other protected areas such as :

Firstly, the “Kobuleti or the Kentrichi Nature Reserve”.

Or the Machakhela national park are the best places for ecotourism enthusiasts .

Adjara habits:

Most importantly, in Adjara, you can learn about popular food and creativity .

Moreover, you can see the vineyards cultivated here, buy local craft products and participate in summer shows.

Archaeological sites “Gonio and Petra Castle”:

Also in Adjara, you can visit the unique Gonio Fortress dating back to the first century.

In addition, it connects one of the oldest parts of Georgia with ancient and Byzantine times.

You can also see the historic Petra Fortress, which links western Georgia to the Byzantine provinces at the time.

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