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Spend special honeymoon in Georgia
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Spend special honeymoon in Georgia

What makes Georgia so special in its diversity ?

Georgia is one of the oldest countries in the Caucasus .

For sure, with beautiful nature, beautiful sightseeing, rich history, its folklore and traditions, you can Spend special honeymoon .

That’s why we can observe that Georgia’s uniqueness and attractiveness is not only determined by the beauty of its nature .

Why you can spend special honeymoon in Georgia ?

It is especially distinguished by its hospitality and tolerance towards other nations.

Due to its geographical location, Georgia has been a strategic country in terms of trade since ancient times .

This contributed to the cultural and economic development of the country.

The influence of the invaders of different periods, we can observe it in the architecture .

Also you can observe it in the culture of the country .

Although the authenticity and national identity are fully preserved.

Why should you visit Georgia?

– Despite the small size of all land which represent the different types of climate,

That contributes to the diversity of nature and makes the population of the country in all four seasons of the year

– With unique unique springs and spa resorts

– Mountain-skiing resorts

– With natural landscapes and parks

– with monuments of significant importance

– Georgian language and cuisine deserve a special mention.

What can you buy in Georgia;

Firstly, Georgians preserved The ancient tradition of wine production to this day.

Wine in pitchers – stored in earthenware, made of clay .

Pitchers give the wine a special taste and aroma.

Also, wine made in this way is called bio-wine and is very popular among wine lovers.

Georgia is the homeland of wine :

Wine made in different parts of Georgia has different taste properties.

Imereti wine is thin and light, with a sour aroma.

Kakhetian wine has a higher alcohol and tannin content due to its hot climate.

Rachuli wine is relatively sweeter than other wines.

Also, In Guria, Georgians make the wine mainly from Isabella grapes .

Isabella grapes have a special smell and aroma .

In addition, in the Georgian market you will find plenty of family wines made by local farmers .

As well as factory-made wines made in Europe.

Winemaking has its own peculiarity in Georgia :

-what’s Chacha ?

A high-alcohol drink, Georgians make mainly a type of vodka from grapes.

Also from a variety of fruits and honey.

Chacha is especially nice to drink on cold winter days and It goes very well with the khinkali food.

-Honey- Caucasian bees live in Georgia :

It is distinguished from other types of bees by its long proboscis,

This allows it to remove nectar from flowers as much as possible .

therefore Georgian honey has a unique taste and healing properties.

– Georgian tea – During the Soviet Union, tea production was widespread in Georgia, Guria and Adjara.

Georgians preserve and produce the unique varieties of different types of tea to this day .

Dried fruits in Georgia :

– Churchkhela-Georgian traditional product, the main ingredients are nuts, grape juice and wheat flour.

– Different types of cheese

We can purchase Georgian traditional products from agrarian markets, tourist places and also in supermarkets.

Every weekend, as well as on holidays, the government hold open fairs in the central streets of Tbilisi .

Where it is possible to buy and taste traditional Georgian products

The local entrepreneurs and winemakers produce it continuously.

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Top Georgian holiday places for the prevention of Coronavirus


How to choose your destination for a suitable vacation :

Nature is one of the most important things to consider when choosing Top Georgian holiday places .

That’s why, the nature and extent of the quality of the places in proportion to your preferences for your trip.

Also, you must specify what you hope for when undertaking a tourist trip.

As tourism is not the number of places you will visit or its international reputation on the map of global tourism .

Touristic places are not evaluated to the extent of their acquisition of likes in different marketing methods .

Also the exact opposite is that we prove in all current studies that people have An orientation for ecotourism .

For sure, the nature is the ideal choice, because it contains all the aspirations of the tourist

Why is Georgia considered one of the best places in the world after the completion of the Corona pandemic?

Also, studies have shown that small increases in air pollution make Coronavirus more lethal.

See publication research in The British Guardian by clicking here.

Furthermore,  it is worth noting that the stampede in large numbers on a place and its frequency a lot and take a lot of different pictures of it.

All this may lose the place its importance and the degree of attraction required.

But this depends primarily on the quality of the comfort that you will receive there .

Also, depend on the degree of organization in the place and professionalism Tourism organized for the trip.

What distinguishes the nature of places in Georgia :

The most important thing to say about the nature of Georgia is not artificial and that human being didn’t make it by his hand

As the nature of the place mixes with history, so any specialist in the natural environmental life and a specialist in biological diversity can touch the extent of plant and animal diversity in many regions of the country.

Georgia is an ideal country to take pictures in the midst of trees dating back hundreds of years .

you can even see fossils and plant life that originated from millions of years .

Those areas amid a unique biological diversity and as if you are walking on your feet in the movie “Avatar”.

why does the nature of Georgia’s holidays contribute to the prevention of coronavirus or any epidemic in general?

Hiking in nature reserves and wandering among the forests is an ideal treatment .

It’s good for recovery, and recovery from the stresses of contemporary life.

Georgia, Georgia’s waters, and Georgia’s healthy atmosphere are advised to all patients with chest crises .

pressure, tension, cholesterol, bones and obesity, as it is the most luxurious and greatest place in the world .

With a high degree of purity, levels of pollution in Georgia are close to zero .

Many people resort to Georgia as a place Healthy to recover.

The most important characteristics of Top Georgian holiday places :

One of the most important characteristics of the work of ecotourism in Georgia is the elements of comfort and enjoyment with recreation.

You can find a lot of qualified and unobtrusive places that correspond to the nature of the places.

Accommodation is one of the most important characteristics of the nature of Georgia.

You can see large resorts alongside small hotels, which also do not lack places for rest and relaxation.

Places for nature reserves, picturesque Georgian forests, and hot water eyes with bright sunlight .

You can see in many provinces in Georgia, such as the Kakheti area reserves .

Also, the Imereti and Adjara county reserves, for more details:

Our company “Romantic Travel Georgia” is a pioneer and specialized in all kinds of tourism .

recreation and convalescence, and all trips that aim at health convalescence .

treatment of nervous and psychological pressures in the midst of a breathtaking atmosphere of unique nature.

–  Also, that helps the client to regain his health and activity to start an ideal life again .

you can see our trips from the company archives by clicking here:

health medical trips, / Eco-tours and recreation.

According to the Protected Areas Agency, the previous year saw a significant increase in the number of eco-tourists “natural ecotourism enthusiasts” in Georgia.

The regions: Prometheus, Kazbegi, Martvili, Stapelia, Okatse Canyon, Borjomi, and others, are among the most popular places for ecotourism .

Also those previous cities are the most attractive for eco-tourists in Georgia.

It should be noted that when we talk about ecotourism .

Also, you must take the season into account, give that specific cities or places are very popular in some seasons.

The top visits of Tbilisi tour


Profiles of some places to visit in the historical city On the charming old town of Tbilisi :

First at all, It is clear from the top visits of Tbilisi, the charming city – the capital – that it is one of the most important cities in the tourism field worldwide.

Also, as the merging of old buildings and elements of cultural diversity with modern buildings creates an interesting contrast.

Our website offers the most popular places in Tbilisi to be available to most visitors when traveling to Georgia.

Old Tbilisi:

Firstly, the historical part of the city contains almost what we can call it Tiflis until 1936.

Old Tbilisi has many sights.

In addition, Tbilisi has been a candidate for a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

The hanging car “cable car”:

The new Tbilisi Road opened in 2012, connecting the renovated Narikala Castle and Rika Park.

With beautiful city views, the elevator provides tourists with a relaxing and quick trip to see the city’s panorama.

Eternity Cathedral “Sameba”:

Georgians built Sameba between 1994-2005. The Eternity Cathedral is the largest in Eastern Europe and the main church in Georgia.

Furthermore, the idea to build the cathedral came to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of the Georgian Orthodox Church and the 2000th birthday of Christ.

Visit to the parks of Mtatsminda Park and the S-Bahn:

in 1936-1938, Georgian government built The funicular TV building of three floors 

It is a historical and architectural landmark in Tbilisi, which has been a favorite place for locals and city visitors for decades.

On the other side, government has rebuilt it at 2007.

Thanks to the efforts of the Georgian government, but the facade provided by the project has not changed, which is good for preserving the historical landmark


Peace Bridge:

The bridge was built in 2009-2010. Its architect is Italian architect Michele de Loce. The lighting designer is Frenchman Philippe Martineau.

Also, we must know that the Peace Bridge is named among the 25 most beautiful bridges in the world.

Narikala Fortress:

A fourth-century castle overlooking Tbilisi and the Mtkvari River.

Narikala Fortress is one of the oldest castles in historical monuments.

consequently, many guests regularly visit and attract great attention from visitors.

Also, Narikala is one of the important cultural and historical monuments of Georgia.

Charming Botanical Garden:

Formerly a botanical garden, it houses rich collections of plants in Georgia and around the world.

The unique flora of Georgia, the Caucasus, tropical creatures and plants included in the Red Book are also preserved. The plant garden area is 128,000 hectares.

Puppet theater Rizzo Gabriadze:

Gabriadze Theater is located on Shavteli Street in the old Tbilisi district.

It was built by Rizzo Gabriadze in 1981 and is designed for a total of 80 spectators.

Also, Rizzo Gabriades built the main landmark of the theater’s architectural ensemble, the Clock Tower, in 2010.

Rustaveli Street:

The main corniche in the center of Tbilisi, named after the Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli in the Middle Ages.

Certainly, we must also mention that  Rustaveli avenue referred to as one of the top visits of the city.

It’s center due to the large number of government, public, cultural and commercial institutions there.

References for The top visits of Tbilisi :

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Borjomi Travel – Spa Resort

Features about “Borjomi Travel” Tours :

We can assure you in our article “Borjomi Travel – Spa Resort” how Borjomi Georgia spa is probably the most popular spa in Asia and Eastern Europe, with the mineral water of Bergumy famous for its treatment effectiveness.

And you can buy borjomi in many countries of Europe and Asia.

Borjomi water is necessary for treatment of chronic diseases :

  • Also, Borjomi water is necessary for treatment of chronic diseases such as the digestive system, liver, kidneys, and bile ducts, altering substances and some cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.
  • Besides the therapeutic use procedures for this water, you can also enjoy therapeutic mud baths.
  • As a result, the land of  Borjomi is magnificent, the main part of the resort is within the Central Park of Borjomi and the entertainment district.
  • Certainly, the wonderful nature will bring you more peace and relaxation.
  • As for hotels, there are luxury hotels besides budget friendly hotels and hostels.
  • In addition, the wellness and spa centers are well equipped.
  • Our programs with doctors are always ready to give you the treatment you need

Treatment indications for mineral water in our Borjomi travel program :

Gastrointestinal diseases:

Indigestion, constipation, liver disease, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, increased stomach acidity, flatulence in the intestine, and the first period of paroxysmal cirrhosis in the liver.

respiratory system diseases :

Bronchitis, with wet and dry sinuses during resorption, laryngitis, prolonged pneumonia

Kidney and urinary infections:

Cystitis, chronic urinary tract infection, receding, with salts and stones

Nervous system diseases:

Nervous breakdown, neurasthenia, epilepsy, hysteria, and neuralgia

Metabolic disease:

Obesity, loss of appetite, gout, arthritis, and diabetes

Women disease :

Resumption of emissions during periods of inflammation.

The most important visits if our valued customers allowed time during treatment:
  • Visiting Rabati Castle, and we will see a different nature and they are a unique place.
  • This unique place is similar to Jerusalem in its composition.
  • Between the Turkish Islamic style and the Christian style at the same time you can visit the castle.
  • Also, enjoy the open museum there and visit the Ahmadiyya Mosque.
  • Visit one of the most famous health resorts in Asia, and one of the largest resorts in Eastern Europe.
  • On the other hand, we can see the most beautiful reserves .
  • We can see pine trees and cable car ride in a magical atmosphere of the unique nature.
  • See a gondola of water from Borjomi Gardens, 
  • Visit the head to the Lekani area and visit its picturesque gardens

Bakuriani area:

  • In conclusion, this is a winter and summer resort alike where you can enjoy seeing the city panorama from the top and seeing the plant life alike.

Strengthen your immunity / Ureki

The magic black sands in Adjara / Georgia – Miracle Therapy Ureki Beach Georgia :

In this article we will tell you how the Black Sea resort of Ureki can strengthen your immunity system, because Ureki Beach is a true therapeutic miracle, this Black Sea resort is a great place for people suffering from lungs, rickets and cardiovascular diseases. Doctors say Ureki’s magnetic sands are also an effective drug for the nervous and nervous systems

The effect of Ureki sands on the human body

  • Ureki magnetic sand has a positive effect on the human body and can cure many diseases.
  • It is also a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.
  • In addition, magnetic sand speeds up biological processes and strengthens immunity.
  • Ureki Beach is ideal for families with children, as the sea is not deep There.
  • The Black Sea resort dates back more than 100 years, although it has been officially present since 1971.
  • There is a humid subtropical climate – the average annual temperature is 14.3 ° C.

Ureki Sand Healing Features

Natural Magnet Therapy – Why You Should Relax in Ureki?

  • The advantages of healing Ureki water tourism
  • The magnetic sands of the Black Sea coast are a true natural miracle
  • It has been known since the nineteenth century.
  • Of course, the healing and other unique characteristics of this sand were tested by the locals.
  • Thanks to sand, treatment of various chronic diseases is of great importance to paramedics, researchers and individual research institutions.

The basis of magnetic sand is:

  • Magnetite (the same magnetic iron), titanometite, ilmenite, peroxine, granite, quartz, apatite and other minerals.
  • The magnetic fracture in the sand reaches 23%, while the iron content ranges between 37-47%.
  • The magnetic absorption of sand is 13-25 times higher than normal.
  • All this creates a low-density magnetic field, and I have discovered the healing properties of that shore since the time of antiquity.
  • Ureki is a unique resort in Georgia that is unique due to its low density natural magnetic field.
  • Natural wealth – subtropical climate, sea, sun, and unique magnetic sands – create the best holiday conditions to recover.
  • The complex scientific research conducted by the Georgian Institute of Physiotherapy and Resort Research, as well as the Georgian Institute of Pediatrics and Geophysics, have demonstrated the high therapeutic efficacy of magnetic sands in the following diseases:
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (stage I and II of hypertension, chronic ischemic heart disease, post-infarction hardening of the heart, myocardial atrophy, etc.)
  • Locomotive system diseases (rheumatoid arthritis in chronic stage, osteoporosis), post-traumatic rehabilitation.
  • Nervous system diseases (depression, hypertonic neurosis, peak neurosis, nerve pain, etc.).
  • the black magnetic sands Strengthen your immunity in Ureki beach.
  • Children’s diseases (rickets, partial paralysis, mother trauma, etc.); it is a good idea to use natural healing agents to treat childhood diseases.
  • Urinary tract diseases that cause infertility.
  • Magnet therapy is also important in peripheral vascular disease.

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Best tours Batumi Travel Agency Romantic Travel
Best Tours Batumi Travel Agencies in Georgia

Best Tours in Batumi Georgia


Why Batumi Georgia has the most beautiful visits?

In this post “Best Tours in Batumi Georgia” we see what distinguishes Batumi as one of the most important cities that enjoy a special charm and history with an exceptional nature, in addition to being a first-class tourist city.

But it is also one of the most important poles of eco-tourism and also has a tourist position on the global map.

Batumi Georgia has a tourist look for summer :

Why Batumi Georgia has a tourist look and what Adjara has to do with it:

There are many answers to respond to why Batumi Georgia has the most beautiful visits.

Without any doubt we can start from the forest parks and reserves located in the Adjara region.

One of the existing reserves there is the most important of which is the Mtirala Forest Park.

Batumi and modern Georgia:

In the Adjara region, you can visit one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea, the city of “Batumi”.

Batumi, with its old or new architectural buildings and International Sea Street that represents the best of modern Georgia.

History of nature reserves for Batumi Georgia:

In Georgia, as in many civilized countries, regional protection of nature has a long history.

For centuries, people protect the natural areas mainly because of religious beliefs.

Best tours in Forests that represent icons of the time of emperors:

In the mountains of Georgia there were so-called “iconic forests”, the hunting ground for kings and emperors, and church forests.

Logging and cutting are largely prohibited by hunting birds. we can say that they were typical prohibitions.

Reservations in the seventeenth century:

In the 17th century, Vakhtang VI issued the “Collection of Laws”, which referred to the region as an object of protection.

It was prohibited to cut trees and wander around the protected areas.

Because of its beauty, we see it as sacred areas, where the guards were guarding the area because it belonged to the churches and the king.

The beginning of the history of the establishment of natural reserves in Georgia :

The creation of protected areas based on scientific achievements in Georgia .

That began in the 1920s, when the country became part of the Russian Empire and again became a European cultural region.

Batumi Georgia Nature Reserve beginning in the twentieth century:

The starting point for this new phase was the creation of the first lagodekhi National Nature Reserve in the Caucasus in 1912.

History of protected natural areas in the second half of the twentieth century:

The first protected areas in Adjara – Kintrishi, Machakhela State Reserve – were created in 1959.

Cascara and Cape Verde Reserve:

But in 1961, by decision of the central government of the Soviet Union.

The government abolished Cascara Nature Reserve in one way or another.

In Adjara, on the slope of Cape Verde, there was a grove of the beautiful Colchian Forest .

But, no one tampered with since ancient times, even before the Soviet period.

Mtirala is a paradise in the heart of  Batumi Adjara:

On November 3, 1912, the famous scientist Professor A. Krasnov founded the Batumi Botanical Garden.

It can be said that these natural wonders are in fact a natural extension of the Mtirala National Park.

This section of the world-renowned Batumi Botanical Garden .

Also, we can consider it a pioneer in generally protected areas, especially the newly created National Mtirala in Adjara.

The most beautiful visits in Batumi Adjara and best tours in “Mtirala”:

Mtirala National Park was established in 2006 on the initiative of the Adjara County Protected Areas Agency.

Also it’s protected by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, the World Wildlife Fund and the Government of Norway.

Therefore, it is not by chance that they planned garden in the most vulnerable part.

Where the wet climate is present in this archeological part of Adjara.

Mtirala consider as a model for development and a picturesque tourist destination:

Mtirala National Park is the only protected area on the basis .

In addition, it will provide an ideal model for marine and ecotourism.

This will undoubtedly lead to a significant increase in tourism flows and attract new investment.

Clearly, That makes Adjara the best economic possibility.

The influx of visitors will become a source of sustainable income for the population.

Certainly, this will of course increase the drivers that help the development of wildlife.

This is the principle of life: the park helps the area, and the area is the park.

Batumi Georgia best tourist look for summer:

Tours in Adjara County:

Adjara is one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia, not only because of its wonderful nature.

It also features the charm of the Black Sea and sunny days.

But also with its warm and loving people, rich folk traditions and cultural riches.

Tourist diversity in Adjara and Batumi:

The nature of Adjara is very diverse, with its magnificent landscape of mountains and seas.

Unique Georgian traditions and best tours in Batumi :

We see it in rich natural reserves:

Beautiful gardens.

Excellent cuisine and unique traditions that complement each other .

Clearly, all that attract Georgian and foreign tourists alike.

One of the richest and most luxurious botanical gardens in Adjara. 

Georgians succeeded to take a lot of botanical species from completely different climatic and landscape areas.

Why Ecotourism and nature in Batumi are among the most beautiful visits:

Surely, Adjara region is rich by protected areas and abundant natural reserves.

The Mtirala National Park or the famous protected areas .

It looks like the other protected areas such as :

Firstly, the “Kobuleti or the Kentrichi Nature Reserve”.

Or the Machakhela national park are the best places for ecotourism enthusiasts .

Adjara habits:

Most importantly, in Adjara, you can learn about popular food and creativity .

Moreover, you can see the vineyards cultivated here, buy local craft products and participate in summer shows.

Archaeological sites “Gonio and Petra Castle”:

Also in Adjara, you can visit the unique Gonio Fortress dating back to the first century.

In addition, it connects one of the oldest parts of Georgia with ancient and Byzantine times.

You can also see the historic Petra Fortress, which links western Georgia to the Byzantine provinces at the time.

In conclusion, to enjoy one of our fast trips to Batumi Georgia in five days and the rest of the trips you can visit it by clicking here

Georgia tours Travel agency Romantic
tours Travel agency Romantic
visit Georgia Travel agency

Georgia tours and important visits


In this article “Georgia tours and important visits”, we just mention the important visits of some of the most important cities, “Tbilisi – Borjomi – Batumi”:

On Georgia tours, there is a lot to see, which is almost countless, and therefore we will uniquely provide a large group of visits from all directions and do not follow the different tourism sectors, which means that these visits you can carried it out, such as nature, culture, adventure, snow, water springs and environmental visits. . Picturesque forests … etc.

Why do we mention these three cities in this article?

Therefore, we will limit ourselves to many visits to many major cities, and this does not mean that what we restrict is all that can be visited and not others, so you can make a visit that has great cultural and aesthetic importance, but at the same time it may be uncommon with others.

Tbilisi visits:

  • The Abantubani area or the ancient sulfur baths, which are located in the heart of the old city.
  • The square is in the heart of Tbilisi and the most important tourist place and overlooking the river.
  • You can also make this visit on foot, preferably instead of using car rides to visit this open museum.
  • Then, you can move to visit the other side overlooking the river and see the city panorama beside the statue of Vagating Gorgasali, Tbilisi founder.
  • The Samba Church or the giant Church of Eternity .
  • Clearly, it is in a great place built on the ruins of an old church.
  • Also, this allows you from the place of the visit to see almost all of the city .
  • Because of its location allows you to see it from large parts of the city.
  • Take a cable car ride to visit Narikala Castle, see the statue of the “Georgian Mother of the Nation”.

The rare botanical garden :

  • The castle has an exciting panorama of the city .
  • On the other side, in the mountain you can observe the rare botanical garden.
  • It is worth noting that this tour is characterized by convergence and contrast.
  • In this square where you can see four or five places from one geographical square with different views and colors.

Turtle Lake :

  • Turtle Lake, which is on the other side of Tbilisi, which is a lake over the mountain.
  • The lake is surrounded by hills in a picturesque view, and some games and water rides can be enjoyed.

Mtatsminda park funicular :

  • Mtatsminda park funicular and a train ride to it where seeing the panorama, amusement parks and restaurants.
  • It is a picturesque place for individuals and families alike, as you can not miss photographing the Georgian TV and radio tower.
  • and it is a marvel that overlooks the city from all directions.

the Mtkwari River :

  • Boating rides in the Mtkwari River, and the liberty Glass Bridge in its various colors and lights.
  • Tbilisi malls, where you can get the best international brands at competitive prices.
  • The historical Georgian flea market, which is the antiques market, and the Georgians work in it, and therefore it is called the old employees market.

Visits of  “ Rabati – Borjomi ” :

By virtue of its proximity to the city of Borjomi, the city of Rabati always looks at them as one trip together and as a group of visits one, which is not far and is unique in the visit.
Where our company “Romantic Travel Georgia Caucasus” begins during the day moving to visit the city of “Rabati”.
  • In Rabati where we see a different nature and is a unique place similar to Jerusalem.
  • Because of its composition between the Turkish Islamic style and the Christian style at the same time.
  • Also, visit the castle, enjoy the open museum there, visit the Ahmadiyia Mosque and roam in this unique city

Borjomi, the most beautiful and therapeutic place :

  • As for Borjomi: We will visit one of the most beautiful and therapeutic, environmental and health resorts located in Asia.
  • Also we must mention that borjomi is one of the largest resorts in Eastern Europe, which is famous for its natural healthy waters and wonderful nature.
  • Also, the resort town of  Borjomi is famous for the refreshing weather of patients with chest crises, the amazing nature, the diversity of plant life and the pine trees.

The middle of a valley surrounded by mountains :

  • Borjomi is also located in the middle of a valley .
  • Surrounded by mountains, and springs of water that have special features .
  • In addition, they use its water for the treatment of kidney and digestive system patients flow.
  • And it was one of the most important centers and health resorts in different periods of government in the last century and it had a wide fame.
  • Also, soon in the present era it regained its status and became an icon of recreation and health tourism and a destination for families and individuals from all over the world.
  • We can see the most beautiful reserves, pine trees and cable car .
  • Cable car can take you over the mountains in an enchanting atmosphere of the unique picturesque nature.

Batumi visits:

This modern city with an ancient history at the same time is the pearl of the Caucasus and one of the most important cities of the Black Sea, Some of these visits will be unique to “Georgia tours”.
  • Visit Gonyo Castle and Petra Palace.
  • The Batumi Botanical Garden, which is one of the largest and most prestigious gardens in the world .
  • They opened it more than a hundred years ago, has the rarest plants in the world.

Martvile Canyon :

  • Doing a trip to “Martvile Canyon” which is about two hours away from the city.
  • Martvile Canyon, it is not in Batumi, but very often our company “Romantic Travel Georgia Tourism” makes this visit.

Martvili, known as the Paradise of Georgia, is located near the Kutaisi region and city.

  • And we can make a rafting in the middle of the waterfalls and the famous Canyon Martveli are among the most amazing places that attract people from all over the world.
  • Also the company can make barbecue and lunch in the middle of nature and spend a wonderful day in the water springs in the forests with all the necessary equipment.

Village of Khilnari :

  • See all the landmarks of Batumi, from the mountains, and the possibility of barbecue next to the water gondola in Khilnari.
  • Khilnari one of the cities of Adjara region, which contains the city of Batumi, the capital.

Batumi Dolphinarium :

  • Watch the show of dolphins at the dolphins house, where the company’s tourism representative recommends early booking to choose the right time.

Beaches in Adjara and Black Sands:

Bathing in the Black Sea. It is important to note the importance of the beaches of the Adjara region in recovering from some diseases.
  • Beaches contain black sand and we know it with its contain of minerals that help to heal many skin diseases and bone diseases.

Batumi promenade :

  • Also, we should not forget, on Georgia tours, that we visit Batumi resorts and the world promenade,
  • And also, you can see all the fun games from riding motorcycles to the legend of the famous statues.
  • the famous statues(Ali and Nino) consider as symbol of the city .
  • Clearly, this is the embodiment of the meanings of love.
  • And this international Batumi boulevard walk .
  • Certainly, you can spend an entire day around and enjoy the most delicious meals there.
Village of Makhuntseti :
  • Visiting the wonderful alphabet tower from which you can take pictures of the city from all sides.
  • The famous town of Makhuntseti in the months of the waterfall .
  • Also, seeing the Black Sea and making a sea tour.
  • Riding the cable car that sends you to the other side of the city, and shopping and tasting the famous Georgian sweets.

Your travel to Georgia country


unique experience :

Your travel to Georgia is a unique experience in a different world from the rest of my trips.

This distinction will be noted in many things and aspects, such as traveling to Georgia is easy and the idea is breathtaking in itself.

Common features of Georgian civilization :

  • But besides that, you’ll actually see a different nature, society, environment and culture.
    Also,It is this common nature that is a mixture of East, West and Asia in the Caucasian art and nature.
    Moreover, this country will surprise you, because at first glance appears small, but in reality not at all.

Why exactly travel to the Caucasus Georgia?

Traveling to the Caucasus Georgia is simply an experience on another small, beautiful and interesting planet that caters to the needs of many, for example:

For adventure lovers, you can find excitement in the Caucasus Mountains.

Also, the highlands of Georgia, the picturesque valleys and villages that have been committed to for hundreds of years In the Caucasus mountain ranges

For lovers of culture, antiquities and classical tourism rich in places and ancient history:

we can offer to you good destination and without any doubt.

In addition, Georgia is one of the countries that combines a great historical historical heritage with a history.

That’s why that makes you see the periods and struggles of the previous countries that passed on this country.

Because, that is the point where the east meets the West and the ancient crossing .

Also, this is one of The most important ancient ways of the Silk Road .

On the other hand, the Georgian kingdoms are closely related to ancient Greek civilization and mythology.

health aspect of Georgian life :

Also, we cannot lose sight of the environmental health aspect of Georgian life.

Georgia is a more effective place to strengthen public health, relax and fight all kinds of tension.

If you choose a place to spend a pleasant and relaxing vacation after a heavy effort in the field of business throughout the year:

For sure,we would love to tell you that you undoubtedly did a good choice.

Besides that, Georgia has the capabilities and hotels along with the divine nature.

Especially in the field of eco-tourism, there is a group of resorts in this country that you will never find similar anywhere in the world.

You can take a look at some of our daily excursions here

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Georgia best travel destination 


Best vacation you can spend in this year :

We can assure you without exaggeration in our article “Georgia best travel destination” that Georgia is the best vacation place for you .

Georgia for sure is the perfect place for your destination, it is an ideal place for all nature and adventure enthusiasts and those interested in history and hikers for short and long distances.

Mix of different cultures :

As it is a place that combines different civilizations in terms of  :

Architecture .

Different styles of buildings with the layout in the composition Civilized .

Now we can show you activities that include tourism in this country through a presentation and a summary of the features that are distinguished in all respects, whether cultural or geographical


It is worth noting that Georgia has become a tiger of the tourism tigers and Georgia best travel destination .

a new destination for all lovers of new places in terms of nature, culture and adventure at the same time.

Georgia is a country that still hides a lot of untapped areas for tourism :

In fact we cannot say in an article to talk about this country that is still not exploited or did not discover its tourism ability to absorb All the features in it .

But we will try in this article to shed light on some of  its features in a very brief way.

To clarify the points of light in a country that is a human paradise and its icon to spend fun times in a more than wonderful climate

Plant and environmental life :

And we add that this is not only what preceded what makes Georgia one of the most important places near Eastern Europe overlooking the Black Sea.

but Georgia is a distinct place in terms of environmental and biological diversity

When we look at Georgia best travel destination from the geographically side .

we find that it is characterized by a variety of terrain.

Flora and fauna in Georgia :

Besides the mountains that cover a large area of ​​this country.

pine trees, and the distinctive animal life,cover the land of Georgia .

Also, Georgia consider being a crossing for many migratory birds .

we also find valleys, rivers and hot water sources .

existance of medical water leads us to talk about Georgia’s future for health tourism and physical therapy .

and what distinguishes water in some the regions.

whether it is sulfur water, or water that contains radon gas that helps solve problems with difficulty walking.

especially for diabetics and its side effects on the extremities “such as the Tskaltubo area”.

Also water that helps solve digestive problems and diseases related to The intestine and intestine, such as those in Borjomi .


In addition, Georgia’s geographical location is a genius .

location that lies roughly between two seas:

the Caspian Sea, which does not directly overlook it .

On the other side, the Black Sea, which Georgia overlooks with a coast.

Further more, that is not short coast and has a view of in several cities .

Cities differ in their population density.nature, and the features of their beaches from one city to another .

Many of them have a wonderful opportunity to make global tourism investments .

Cities are still Relatively small , except Batumi, which has a lot of investments and is still expanding and increasing .

Georgia’s investments inside Batumi, which led it to be one of the most important international and recreational destinations.

Georgia best travel destination for the “BIODIVERSITY” :

Also, we cannot fail to mention in this regard to talk about the nature of plants and animals and the biodiversity found in Georgia.

Georgia has huge areas of natural reserves and botanical gardens.

Clearly, you can see in the biodiversity in every city of Georgia and every province.

so it started from Tbilisi, the capital and some of its lakes .

Its global botanical garden and some gardens belonging to the Soviet era and before.

The famous “Mtirala” reserve :

Moreover, you can get a look at Batumi and its largest botanical garden in Asia.

No doubt,  it’s  the famous “Mtirala” reserve in its shape and tropical composition.

Also you can see very clearly Batumi, Likani and Borgomi’s gardens to the enormous exterior reserve .

Certainly, that extends to great distances outside Boycott Itself, passing through the Lechkhumi reserve in the province of Imerti.

The mangoes and waterfalls of Martvili.

The Lagodekhi Reserve :

Also the Lagodekhi Reserve in the famous Kakheti district of a distinctive nature. which is famous for the vineyards.

the vineyards of Lagodekhi Reserve makes it one of the most important sources of the wine industry in the world .

Due to its historical way of making historical Georgian wine Which is considered one of the most important traditions that distinguish this country and is what we will talk about later.

Ski tourism :

It is also worth noting that Georgia has shifted in recent years to a significant development of ski tourism.
ski tourism make Georgia a competitive place for some European places.
Also, especially after entering skiing in the Caucasus Mountains in the Svaneti region.
in addition to the presence of traditional ski places in the Bakuriani region.
But, there is nowhere more than It is great for skiing in Gudauri, in the high mountains of the Caucasus.
Gudauri is a large station on the road between Tbilisi and Kazbegi.
Clearly, it is characterized by the charming nature because it is surrounded by mountains covered with pine trees.

Georgian market :

There are also several important hotels and resorts, along with many hotels and cheap family accommodations.
Certainly, enabling you to make a trip at competitive prices .
Also, this will be away from the monopoly that some international companies may undertake to control markets,which may hinder small investors to succeed.
But the truth of the matter is The Georgian market is available to everyone.
There is always a place for everyone to make an addition to the tourist market .
In addition, due to the spatial diversity and various activities and choices for the tourist due to the rapprochement between cities and their presence in circular rings with each other, which carries a lot of surprises for the tourist in the event of a change in the direction of travel from city to another, or even from one village to another.

Civilization and Archaeological heritage :

One aspect that cannot be overlooked is that Georgia has a great culture, civilization and archaeological heritage, and even fossil activities that indicate the existence of the first human being from outside the African continent when the oldest fossils and skeletons dating back more than one million and eight hundred thousand years were found.

The mysterious cave civilization in Georgia :

You can easily wander through the civilization of the caves that we know it as Tianti in several regions in Georgia.
You could be surprised about the residential and civilized system of the inhabitants of those areas in these ancient times in an atmosphere of mystery and scientific and cultural excitement.
It is worth noting that these cave cities were used on the mountains in The golden ages of the Georgian owner, especially bagrationi.
This is a family, who ruled Georgia for ages.
Georgian armies were prepared in these castles.

Also, were even headquarters for rule and large communities lived in them .

And always exist beside the famous Georgian rivers in a charming atmosphere and great cultural diversity.

Georgia has one of the oldest and most important villages in Europe :

In addition, look at the villages of Georgia, the UNESCO included the villages of Georgia in World Heritage.
For sure, this because of the era of their buildings, their architectural heritage and their ancient traditions.

The ancient village of ushguli :

Suffice it to know that one of the oldest and most important villages in Europe and Asia.
It is located in northern Georgia in the northern Georgian Caucasus Mountains.
This is the ancient village of ushguli, and it is an important shrine for all lovers of adventure, hiking and culture from all over the world.

Also, it suffices to say only that Georgia is one of the first Christian countries in the world.

In fact, many historians consider it the first country to take Christianity as its official religion.

Also, we can see with all the existing churches, the ecclesiastical heritage contained within it, and the oldest Christian symbols in the world.

Georgian wine :

A tourist who loves wine cannot come to Georgia without recognizing it and tasting it.

Georgian wine is long stories that start from its cultivation .

Georgia keeps the original samples of grapes along with the appropriate soil and the method used from thousands of years, so it is sacred and noble in the Georgian life.

Possession of wine cellars is a source of historical pride for families :

Also, we find many Georgian families working in the industry that are proud of having these antique methods .
Furthermore, they have the original qualities of the industry along with the superior ability to taste and diversity in production.
Also distinguishes that industry that produces organic wine and does not use any chemicals in the cultivation of grapes, and this is evident through Sample different samples of this product.

Georgian institutions for wine :

Therefore, we find that in order to obtain quality.

Also, there are specialized Georgian institutions that monitor the method of agriculture and industry, which may take up to three years to give you the quality.

It is also clear that the method of making Georgian wine is based on the use of large crockery, which are stressful methods and require experience and patience at work.

Therefore the Georgian wine is a strategic and vital product and one of the sources of income for the Georgian state.

Georgian generosity :

Last but not least, the Georgian people are a people who love strangers and consider them a gift from God,

Clearly, this is evident by Georgia’s acceptance of different races and respect for the requirements of all visitors.

You can also find many restaurants, from Arab to Asian restaurants, as well as Georgian restaurants, with tolerance and welcome .

If you want to take one of our excursions in a Georgian city, you can view part of our programs here

The article was edited by :

International Service Company Group”ISCG” LLC  2020

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Культура и природа
Georgian wine tour package 8 days
Incroyable histoire du vin géorgien
Культура и природа в Грузии

Wine production in Georgia


History of Georgian Wine production :

We consider the Wine production in Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world.

Certainly, All evidence points out that the earliest wine production was in Georgia.

Features of wine production in Georgia :

  • Georgians found Grape seeds in Caucasian tombs 7000 years ago along with wine implements such as clay vessels.
  • Clearly, Nowhere in the world is the evidence of viniculture so old.
  • Because, There are no countries where wine culture is more developed and cherished.

The variety of Georgian Wine :

  • Incredibly there are 500 species of wine and most of them are still unknown to the rest of the world.
  • Wine producing technique is the same it was long ago.

But slightly developed and refined over the centuries:

  • They place Wine in earthenware vessels (in Georgian “Kvevri) they buried the wine in the ground up to the vessels necks.
  • Also, these pitchers resemble amphora with their shape and material from which they are made of-the clay.
  • Everything goes inside the Kvevri-grapes with skins, stalks, grape stone.
  • Kvevri must be hermetically closed and buried under the ground.
  • Grapes ferment on its natural yeast and gradually mature into wine.
  • The process of fermentation usually takes three of four months and the result is vitamin-rich and flavorful wine.

Marani :

  • Georgian people own special places called Marani beside their houses, with different sizes of Kvevries buried. 
  • Georgia’s wines fall into several zones: Kakheti and kartli in the east and Samegrelo, Adjaria, Guria and Imereti in the west.
  • Every region of Georgia grows its own unique varieties of grape and that is why Georgian wines have unique taste.
  • Wines produced in Georgia are white and red depending on the variety of grape it is made from.
  • Besides red and white wines one can also find some champagne taps in Georgia.

Kakheti :

  • Kakheti is a major place for wine production in Georgia ( more read about Kakheti region, click here ). Wine production in Kakheti has a very secular history.
  • Almost three-quarters of the country’s wine grapes they growed it up here
  • The land has been used for viticulture for thousands of years.
  • Further more, the experts proved that proved archeological findings in the region.
  • They noticed The regions strong relationship with wine was in Georgia’s famous hymn ‘Thou art a vineyard’ .
  • Ancient Georgians wrote the hymne in the 12th century by a king Demetrius .
  • Also, Georgians made the Best-known red wines from this region of grape varieties of Saperavi .
  • But, Kaberne and white wines they made it of Rkatsiteli and Khikhvi.

Racha-Lechkhumi :

  • Rasha-Lechkhumi is one of Georgia’s smallest regions, but despite its diminutive size.
  • Sweeter than their western counterparts.
  • It is a result of the extremely high sugar levels created by the sunny climate.

White wines in Racha-Lechkhumi :

FIrstly, you can find the varieties of white wines in Racha-Lechkhumi are Tretra, Tsiska and Tsolikauri.

But, for the red wines, you can find it on : 

  • Alexandrouli, Mujuretuli (Keduretuli).
  • Usakhelauri, Orbeluri Odzhaleshi and Saperavi.Imereti Wines .
  • The fame of Kakhetian wine you can see it around the world but still not many people can hear about the wines in Imereti.
  • In fact, the archeologues traced the roots of viticulture back to the times of the kingdom of Kolkhida, Imereti.
  • The main features of the wines produced in this region are that Imereti wines are weaker and usually sourer than wines of Kakheti.

Imeretian wines :

  • Among the best Imeretian wines that we know,we consider Krakhuna to be the most imeretian wine.
  • Another wide spread wine in Imereti is called Tsolikauri, which is a light yellow-skinned white grape variety cultivated in Kolkhida lowland.