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Georgia best travel destination 

Best vacation you can spend in this year :

We can assure you without exaggeration in our article “Georgia best travel destination” that Georgia is the best vacation place for you in 2020, Georgia for sure is the perfect place for your destination, it is an ideal place for all nature and adventure enthusiasts and those interested in history and hikers for short and long distances as it is a place that combines different civilizations in terms of architecture and different styles of buildings with the layout in the composition Civilized

And now we can show you activities that include tourism in this country through a presentation and a summary of the features that are distinguished in all respects, whether cultural or geographical


It is worth noting that Georgia has become a tiger of the tourism tigers and Georgia best travel destination in 2020,a new destination for all lovers of new places in terms of nature, culture and adventure at the same time, and in fact we cannot say in an article to talk about this country that is still not exploited or did not discover its tourism ability to absorb All the features in it, but we will try in this article to shed light on some of its features in a very brief way, to clarify the points of light in a country that is a human paradise and its icon to spend fun times in a more than wonderful climate

Plant and environmental life :

And we add that this is not only what preceded what makes Georgia one of the most important places near Eastern Europe overlooking the Black Sea, but Georgia is a distinct place in terms of environmental and biological diversity

When we look at Georgia best travel destination from the geographically side, we find that it is characterized by a variety of terrain. Besides the mountains that cover a large area of ​​this country and which are covered with pine trees, and the distinctive animal life, and being a crossing for many migratory birds, we also find valleys, rivers and hot water sources, which leads us to talk about Georgia’s future for health tourism, physical therapy and what distinguishes water in some The regions, whether it is sulfur water, or water that contains radon gas that helps solve problems with difficulty walking, especially for diabetics and its side effects on the extremities “such as the Tskaltubo area”, or also water that helps solve digestive problems and diseases related to The intestine and intestine, such as those in Borjomi .


In addition, consideration must be given to Georgia’s geographical location, which is a genius location that lies roughly between two seas: the Caspian Sea, which does not directly overlook it, and the Black Sea, which Georgia overlooks with a coast that is not short and has a view of this coast in several cities which differ in their population density, nature, and the features of their beaches from one city to another, and many of them have a wonderful opportunity to make global tourism investments, because it’s still Relatively small , except for Batumi, which has a lot of investments and is still expanding and increasing Georgia’s investments inside it, which led it to be one of The most important international and recreational destinations.

Georgia best travel destination in 2020 for the “BIODIVERSITY” :

Also, we cannot fail to mention in this regard to talk about the nature of plants and animals and the biodiversity found in Georgia. Georgia has huge areas of natural reserves and botanical gardens that you can see in every city of Georgia and every province, so it started from Tbilisi, the capital and some of its lakes and Its global botanical garden and some gardens belonging to the Soviet era and before, to Batumi and its largest botanical garden in Asia and the famous “Mtirala” reserve in its shape and tropical composition, and also Batumi and Likani and Borgomi’s gardens to the enormous exterior reserve that extends to great distances outside Boycott Itself, passing through the Lechkhumi reserve in the province of Imerti, and the mangoes and waterfalls of Martvili, and also the Lagodekhi Reserve in the famous Kakheti district of a distinctive nature, which is famous for the vineyards, which makes it one of the most important sources of the wine industry in the world due to its historical way of making historical Georgian wine Which is considered one of the most important traditions that distinguish this country and is what we will talk about later.

Ski tourism :

It is also worth noting that Georgia has shifted in recent years to a significant development of ski tourism, which has made it a competitive place for some European places, especially after entering skiing in the Caucasus Mountains in the Svaneti region, in addition to the presence of traditional ski places in the Bakuriani region, and there is nowhere more than It is great for skiing in Gudauri, in the high mountains of the Caucasus, which is a large station on the road between Tbilisi and Kazbegi, and it is characterized by the charming nature because it is surrounded by mountains covered with pine trees.

Georgian market :

There are also several important hotels and resorts, along with many hotels and cheap family accommodations, enabling you to make a trip at competitive prices and away from the monopoly that some international companies may undertake to control markets, which may hinder small investors to succeed, but the truth of the matter is The Georgian market is available to everyone, there is always a place for everyone to make an addition to the tourist market due to the spatial diversity and various activities and choices for the tourist due to the rapprochement between cities and their presence in circular rings with each other, which carries a lot of surprises for the tourist in the event of a change in the direction of travel from city to another, or even from one village to another.

Civilization and Archaeological heritage :

One aspect that cannot be overlooked is that Georgia has a great culture, civilization and archaeological heritage, and even fossil activities that indicate the existence of the first human being from outside the African continent when the oldest fossils and skeletons dating back more than one million and eight hundred thousand years were found. You can easily wander through the civilization of the caves known as Tianti in several regions in Georgia and marvel at the residential and civilized system of the inhabitants of those areas in these ancient times in an atmosphere of mystery and scientific and cultural excitement, it is worth noting that these cave cities were used on the mountains in The golden ages of the Georgian owner, especially bagrationi family, who ruled Georgia for ages, Georgian armies were prepared in these castles, and were even headquarters for rule and large communities lived in them and always exist beside the famous Georgian rivers in a charming atmosphere and great cultural diversity.

In addition, look at the villages of Georgia, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage, given the era of their buildings, their architectural heritage and their ancient traditions. Suffice it to know that one of the oldest and most important villages in Europe and Asia is located in northern Georgia in the northern Georgian Caucasus Mountains, which is the ancient village of ushguli, and it is an important shrine for all lovers of adventure, hiking and culture from all over the world

Also, it suffices to say only that Georgia is one of the first Christian countries in the world. In fact, many historians consider it the first country to take Christianity as its official religion, and we can see with all the existing churches, the ecclesiastical heritage contained within it, and the oldest Christian symbols in the world.

Georgian wine :

A tourist who loves wine cannot come to Georgia without recognizing it and tasting it. Georgian wine is long stories that start from its cultivation and Georgia keeps the original samples of grapes along with the appropriate soil and the method used from thousands of years, so it is sacred and noble in the Georgian life.

Also, we find many Georgian families working in the industry that are proud of having these antique methods and the original qualities of the industry along with the superior ability to taste and diversity in production, and also distinguishes that industry that produces organic wine and does not use any chemicals in the cultivation of grapes, and this is evident through Sample different samples of this product.

Therefore, we find that in order to obtain quality, there are specialized Georgian institutions that monitor the method of agriculture and industry, which may take up to three years to give you the quality.

It is also clear that the method of making Georgian wine is based on the use of large crockery, which are stressful methods and require experience and patience at work, and therefore the Georgian wine is a strategic and vital product and one of the sources of income for the Georgian state.

Last but not least, the Georgian people are a people who love strangers and consider them a gift from God, and this is evident by Georgia’s acceptance of different races and respect for the requirements of all visitors.

You can also find many restaurants, from Arab to Asian restaurants, as well as Georgian restaurants, with tolerance and welcome .

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