Flora and Fauna in Georgia Caucasus

Overview Georgia country – Geography

Country name: Georgia

Capital city: Tbilisi. Population-1.3 million people

Location: Eastern Europe/southwestern Asia

Longitude: 40° – 47°E ….. Latitude: 41° – 44° N

Georgia: Small and beautiful country in south of Caucasia. It is situated on the east bank of the Black sea. The country borders the Black sea, Russia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Population: 4.5 million people

Neighbor countries of Georgia are:  Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia

Area: 69 700 km

Climate: Continental-subtropical

Ethnic groups: Georgian 83.8%; Armenian 5.7%; Azeri 6.5%; Russian 1.5%; others – 2,5%.

Language: Georgian-official

Religion: Main religion is orthodox Christianity, but there are also Islam, Gregorian, Catholics and Judies.

Time zone: GTM+4

Capital code: Geo

Internet code: ge

Telephone code of the country: +996

Telephone code of Tbilisi: 32

Currency: Georgian Lari(GEL)

Political structure: Democratic republic

Georgia is a country located at the juncture of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The country is bounded to the west by the Black sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia and to the east by Azerbaijan. Georgia covers about 69 700 square kilometers.

The country has a very diverse landscape. The Greater Caucasus Mountains stretches from the Black to the Caspian Seas and that is why Georgia is a paradise for mountaineering, hiking and winter sports. Surami mountain Range divides Georgia into two climatic zones-the sub-tropical west and cooler east. Two large rivers in Georgia are: the Mtkvari in the east joining the Caspian Sea and the Rioni in the west joining the Black Sea. Georgia provides a very divers landscape-in the morning one can sail in the Black Sea and in the Afternoon can enjoy skiing down the magnificent slopes. That makes this small area the most attractive place in the world.