Ushguli Ushguli is a community of villages located at the head of the Enguri gorge in Upper Svaneti, Georgia. Also, Ushguli comprises four villages: Zhibiani located at an elevation of some 2100 meters above sea level, Chvibiani, Chazhashi and Murqmeli. Foremore, Ushguli is located at the foot of Skhara, which is one of the highest

Bagrati cathedral – Kutaisi city

Bagrati cathedral Kutaisi city The UNESCO World Heritage The UNESCO included Kutaisi city Bagrati cathedral in World Heritage Site in 1994 as single entity. In addition, UNESCO designated endangered the site, the UNesco mention that experts didn't carefully prepare the previous restoration . Despite this, proponents of restoration argued that the site was more likely to

Svetitskhoveli cathedral

Svetitskhoveli cathedral Mtskheta : Svetitskhoveli cathedral is a Georgian orthodox church situated in the ancient historical town of Mtskheta , 20 km northwest from Tbilisi. This cathedral is known as the burial place of Christ’s mantle.  According to Georgian hagiography, in the 1st century AD a Georgian Jew named Elias was in Jerusalem when Christ was

Jvari Monastery Mtskheta

Jvari Monastery Mtskheta Mtskheta-Mtianeti region Jvari monastery is a Georgian orthodox monastery of the 6th century, It is located in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, eastern Georgia. Being outstanding monument of Georgian architecture it was one of the greatest religious sites and a center of pilgrimage for Christian nations of the Caucasus. The wooden cross Firstly, Jvari church is

Gelati monastery – Kutaisi City

Gelati monastery - Kutaisi City why Gelati monastery is important place : Gelati monastery was not simply a monastery. It was a monastic complex which served as a center of science and education. An academy established there was one of the most important centers of culture in ancient Georgia. Architecture of Gelati monastery : Also, it should


Gonio Fortress

Gonio Fortress Firstly, Gonio Fortress area is one of the important archeological sites in Georgia located in Southwest Georgia, Achara Autonomous Republic, on the left bank of Chorokhi River. Location and description : The distance from Batumi to Gonio is about 15 km, from Tbilisi-380 km. Gonio fortress is the oldest fortress in Georgia occupying

Georgian tour Dzalisi city

Georgian tour Dzalisi city Location of Dzalisi city in this tour: We will take you in georgian tour in Dzalisi, it is a historic village located in Georgia, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. It is about 50 km northwest of Tbilisi. History of Georgian Dzalisi : Firstly, we must be aware that the first mention of Dzalisi is

Archeological place – Armaziskhevi

Archeological place - Armaziskhevi History of the city Armaziskhevi is archeological place situated on the right tributary of the Kura River and is 3km west of Mtskheta railway station. This place is unique for its archeological importance. The Bronze-early Iron Age Firstly, as a result of archeological excavations conducted near the influx of the Armaziskhevi archeologists


Dmanisi is a townlet and site of paleoanthropological excavations in Southern Georgia approximately 93km southwest of the nation’s capital, Tbilisi. Being a site of a medieval village located on the promontory at the confluence of Mashavera and Phinezauri River, Dmanisi is one of the most important archeological places not only in Georgia, but in the


Sarkine was a town situated 8 km west of Mtskheta on the left bank of Mtkvari River. It is mentioned in the old Georgian chronicles among other towns. This territory is known for its archeological importance.  In 1946-1948 an adobe tower was excavated here on the westernmost slopes of the Savanati mountain range. Also Iron


Nokalakevi is a village and archeological site in the Senaki Municipality. It is also known as Tsikhegoji (Fortress of Kuji). Nowadays there are only impressive ruins of this ancient place nestled by the picturesque river Tekhuri, on the northern edge of the Colchian plain in Samegrelo. This archeological site of Nokalakevi-Archeopolis occupies some 20ha and


Tbilisi open air museum

Tbilisi open air - Ethnography museum We laid the foundation stone for the Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography on April 27, 1966. The Georgians named the museum after Giorgi Chitaya, a Georgian ethnographer and founder of the museum. It was the first open-air museum in the entire Caucasus region. Information about Museum : Architects

Tbilisi Georgia – Art museum

 Tbilisi - Georgia National art museum The art museum of Tbilisi Georgia, officially known as Shalva Amiranashvili museum of Fine arts is one of the most important museums in Georgia. More info about culture of Tbilisi ,click here History of the building Not far from the Liberty Square it is a building of XIX century, in

Stalin Museum

Stalin Museum Gori : Joseph Stalin Museum is possibly one of the most interesting museums in Georgia. Firstly, the museum is located in Gori, near the nation’s capital city, dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union. The main corpus of the complex began in 1951 ostensibly as a local

Batumi Gonio Archaeological Museum

Batumi Gonio Archaeological - Architectural Archeological Museum : Batumi Gonio-Apsarosi archeological Museum-Reserve is located in Southwest Georgia, Achara Autonomous Republic, on the left bank of Chorokhi River. Distance from Batumi to Gonio is about 15 km, from Tbilisi-380 km. Also, the museum was founded in 1994 based on the important historical and cultural significance of