Spend special honeymoon in Georgia
Spend special honeymoon Prepare your wedding in Georgia country
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Spend special honeymoon in Georgia
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Spend special honeymoon in Georgia

What makes Georgia so special in its diversity ?

Georgia is one of the oldest countries in the Caucasus .

For sure, with beautiful nature, beautiful sightseeing, rich history, its folklore and traditions, you can Spend special honeymoon .

That’s why we can observe that Georgia’s uniqueness and attractiveness is not only determined by the beauty of its nature .

Why you can spend special honeymoon in Georgia ?

It is especially distinguished by its hospitality and tolerance towards other nations.

Due to its geographical location, Georgia has been a strategic country in terms of trade since ancient times .

This contributed to the cultural and economic development of the country.

The influence of the invaders of different periods, we can observe it in the architecture .

Also you can observe it in the culture of the country .

Although the authenticity and national identity are fully preserved.

Why should you visit Georgia?

– Despite the small size of all land which represent the different types of climate,

That contributes to the diversity of nature and makes the population of the country in all four seasons of the year

– With unique unique springs and spa resorts

– Mountain-skiing resorts

– With natural landscapes and parks

– with monuments of significant importance

– Georgian language and cuisine deserve a special mention.

What can you buy in Georgia;

Firstly, Georgians preserved The ancient tradition of wine production to this day.

Wine in pitchers – stored in earthenware, made of clay .

Pitchers give the wine a special taste and aroma.

Also, wine made in this way is called bio-wine and is very popular among wine lovers.

Georgia is the homeland of wine :

Wine made in different parts of Georgia has different taste properties.

Imereti wine is thin and light, with a sour aroma.

Kakhetian wine has a higher alcohol and tannin content due to its hot climate.

Rachuli wine is relatively sweeter than other wines.

Also, In Guria, Georgians make the wine mainly from Isabella grapes .

Isabella grapes have a special smell and aroma .

In addition, in the Georgian market you will find plenty of family wines made by local farmers .

As well as factory-made wines made in Europe.

Winemaking has its own peculiarity in Georgia :

-what’s Chacha ?

A high-alcohol drink, Georgians make mainly a type of vodka from grapes.

Also from a variety of fruits and honey.

Chacha is especially nice to drink on cold winter days and It goes very well with the khinkali food.

-Honey- Caucasian bees live in Georgia :

It is distinguished from other types of bees by its long proboscis,

This allows it to remove nectar from flowers as much as possible .

therefore Georgian honey has a unique taste and healing properties.

– Georgian tea – During the Soviet Union, tea production was widespread in Georgia, Guria and Adjara.

Georgians preserve and produce the unique varieties of different types of tea to this day .

Dried fruits in Georgia :

– Churchkhela-Georgian traditional product, the main ingredients are nuts, grape juice and wheat flour.

– Different types of cheese

We can purchase Georgian traditional products from agrarian markets, tourist places and also in supermarkets.

Every weekend, as well as on holidays, the government hold open fairs in the central streets of Tbilisi .

Where it is possible to buy and taste traditional Georgian products

The local entrepreneurs and winemakers produce it continuously.

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