Travel Georgia one day kazbegi


Kazbegi, Mtskheta one day tour :

Travel Georgia one day is a unique experience, given the diversity of this country called the Caucasian Pearl, which combines the beauty of nature, culture and adventure.
In addition, the trip mentioned in this program enables you to see in a short time this amazing diversity of scenery and climate, travel with us and see the difference.

Begin the tour by visiting Kazbegi, which is a small town in Mtskheta –Mtianeti region.


(one day Tour)

Route:  Tbilisi –Kazbegi-AnanuriExcursion Tour

  • Duration: 1day
  • Mineral Water and juices
  • Theme: Cultural tours
  • Hardness: Easy
  • Ages: Applies to all ages
  • Best season: All the year.
  • Number of pax: Starting from 2 pax (individuals / groups)
  • Transportation: Bus and jeep depending on the location

To clarify, the reservations must be 24 hours before the pick up time for the trip :

  • The price starts from two persons and the price per person is 75 Dollar.
  • 3 persons (price per person 65 Dollars.
  • For groups starting from four people, the price per person is 55 Dollars.

                      Kazbegi – Dariali Gorge – Ananuri

Begin the tour travel Georgia by visiting Kazbegi:

  • Firstly,be ready to travel to Kazbegi which is a small town in Mtskheta –Mtianeti region.
  • Further more, visit Gergeti sameba church situated at an elevation of 22170 meters above sea level.
  • The church was built in 14th
  • Its isolated location on top of a steep mountain
  • Also, It’s surrounded by the vastness of nature.
  • This unique location has made it a symbol of Georgia.
  • Nowadays the church is a very popular tourist destination.

Next destination in travel Georgia “One day Kazbegi” is the Dariali Gorge:

  • on the border between Georgia and Russia.
  • Its length is about 8 miles located between vertical walls of rock.
  • The Dariali pass has been historically important as one of only two crossing Caucasian range and has been long fortified. Ruins of ancient fortress are still visible.
  • It also served as a hub point for many roads connecting north and south Caucasus.
  • Lunch in Stepantsminda

Finally, road for Tbilisi,visit Ananuri castle:

  • Back to Tbilisi. On the road visit Ananuri castle complex on the Aragvi River.
  • This was a castle and seat of the Eristavis of Aragvi, a feudal dynasty ruling this area from the 13th The castle was the scene of numerous battles.
  • Also, this castle and church is surrounded with very beautiful nature- forests and Jinvali water reservoir.
  • Depart for Tbilisi.
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Travel Kazbegi , Mtskheta one Dayرحلة_كازباجي
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